January 20, 2020

AMA selects unheralded Reed Baclig as top pick overall

AMA Online Education caught everybody by surprise by selecting unheralded playmaker Reed Baclig as the number one pick overall of the 2020 PBA D-League Draft on Monday at PBA Office in Libis.

Apparently the 5-7 Baclig was a product of the AMA's grassroot program and its played a big part in the decision of Titans coach Mark Herrera when he made his selection.

Jamie Malonzo, who was expected to claim the top honor, settled for number two with Foundation Cup runner-up Marinerong Pilipino netting the 6-foot-6 high-flyer.

The 23-year-old Malonzo graduated from Portland State before taking his act to La Salle while earning a spot in the Mythical Team in the UAAP Season 82.

Besides Malonzo, Marinerong Pilipino coach Yong Garcia also selected standouts Joshua Torralba and Jollo Go of La Salle, James Spencer of UP, Darrell Menina of University of Cebu, and Miguel Gastador of University of San Jose-Recoletos.

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Karate Kid-CEU, with a new coach in Jeff Napa, grabbed Gilas pool member Jaydee Tungcab with the third overall pick.

Also joining the Scorpions are John Apacible of UE, Jboy Gob and David Murrell of UP, and Jerie Pingoy of Adamson.

The proceeding ended after 20 rounds with only forty-one applicants selected from the field of 137 aspirants. (RL)

The 2020 PBA D-League Aspirants' Cup gets going on February 13. The tournament features 12 teams, 11 of them school-based. (RL)

Here's how the draft went.

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First Round:
1. AMA - Reed Baclig
2. Marinero - Jamie Malonzo
3. Karate Kid-CEU - Jaydee Tungcab
4. Wangs-Letran - Sham Banez

Second Round:
1. AMA - Joshua Villamor
2. Marinero - Joshua Torralba
3. Karate Kid-CEU - John Apacible
4. Wangs-Letran - Kenny Rogers Rocacurva

Third Round:
1. AMA - Christian Germino
2. Marinero - Jollo Go
3. Karate Kid-CEU - Jboy Gob
4. Wangs-Letran - Kobe Monje

Fourth Round:
1. AMA - Christian Camay
2. Marinero - James Spencer
3. Karate Kid-CEU - David Murrell
4. Wangs-Letran - Pao Javillonar

Fifth Round:
1. AMA - John Cris Yambao
2. Marinero - Judel Fuentes
3. Karate Kid-CEU - Jamil Bulawan
4. Wangs-Letran - Jayson Bondoc

Sixth Round:
1. AMA - Earl Bryan Ceniza
2. Marinero - Darrell Menina
3. Karate Kid-CEU - Dariel Bayla
4. Wangs-Letran - PASS

Seventh Round:
1. AMA - Allen Jade Rodriguez
2. Marinero - Yves Sazon
3. Karate Kid-CEU - Joseph Pineda

Eighth Round:
1. AMA - Zheanriz Romero
2. Marinero - Miguel Gastador
3. Karate Kid-CEU - Daryl Pascual

Ninth Round:
1. AMA - Joshua Ivan Seda
2. Marinero - Marcus Jerome Ejercito
3. Karate Kid-CEU - Ivan Jose

Tenth Round:
1. AMA - Eduardo Kapunan
2. Marinero - Rendell Senining
3. Karate Kid-CEU - Jerie Pingoy

11th Round:
1. AMA - Cymond Santos
2. Marinero - PASS
3. Karate Kid-CEU - PASS

12th Round:
1. AMA - Kobe Cruz

13th Round:
1. AMA - Richel Angelo Cabaluna

14th Round:
1. AMA - Alec Catorce

15th Round:
1. AMA - Lorenzo Kyle Orbeta

16th Round:
1. AMA - Michael Rio-Simmonds

17th Round:
1. AMA - Luis Antonio Abaca

18th Round:
1. AMA - Waldrich Siy

19th Round:
1. AMA - Xavier Albances

20th Round:
1. AMA - Jeferson Arceo