April 24, 2019

League clarifies non-call on SMB's Cabagnot in game 4

The game officials reposed with the primary authority to assess the fouls and other rule infractions are the 3 officiating referees on the floor.

As per thorough review, there was no call made by Referee Flordeliza on Cabagnot when Jazul fell to the floor. Needless to state, referees can only make a call based on 'what they see' and 'what is available for them to see' with unobstructed opportunity to appreciate 'what is there to see'.

Since no call was made by the referee on Cabagnot, the Technical Committee is without any mandate to review such incident during the actual game.

The present policy is that a referee's call can be reviewed under certain circumstances. A non-call cannot be reviewed. The exception is the review of a goal tending violation. Moreover, the Technical Committee cannot, as a rule, substitute or override a referee's decision.

The unacceptable behavior of players doing dirty tricks, purposely done and hidden from the referee's view, cannot be ruled upon immediately by the referee. The referees do not have the automatic benefit of a video review in the event of a non-call.

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As part of its duties, the Technical Committee regularly reviews the games' calls and non-calls even in the absence of formal inquiries and complaints.

Given that it is the policy of the league to review incidents like the above mentioned for the good of the PBA and the sport of basketball, the Office of the Commissioner imposes a fine against Mr. Alex Cabagnot of the San Miguel Beermen for his unsportsmanlike behavior in Game 4.

Likewise, rest assured that all players displaying unsportsmanlike behavior are being fined and will be fined accordingly.