Apr 02, 2020

Taulava stays latched at No. 4; Santos galloping strong in all-time rebounds ranking

REBOUNDING monsters Asi Taulava and Arwind Santos are right there among the top tiers in the list of all-time rebounding averages, with the 6-foot-10 Fil-Tongan behemoth at No. 2 and the San Miguel Beer 6-foot-4 forward at No. 5.

The question is where they would finish in the all-time most rebounds ranking at the end of their playing careers.

Taulava is currently at No. 4 behind Ramon Fernandez (8,652), Abet Guidaben (8,570) and Jerry Codinera (7,034).

Through 20 seasons, Taulava collected 4,197 offensive boards and 2,204 defensive caroms for a total of 6,401.

In the final push of her career at 47 years of age, it's highly unlikely that Taulava would be able to catch up with Codinera, considering he was able to pile up only 62 rebounds last season and a total of 236 in the last three years.

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Galloping strong and threatening to make a further jump in the all-time ranking is Santos.

Last season, the former FEU King Tamaraw piled up 341 rebounds and, along the way, raced past Yoyoy Villamin (5,163), Ali Peek (5,167), Abe King (5,222) and Robert Jaworski (5,367) to be at No. 7 in the all-time ladder.

With a total of 5,435 through the 2018-19 campaign, Santos is 399 away from catching up with Philip Cezar.

Because of injuries, Marc Pingris (4,778) just inched a notch up to 12th place, bumping off Nic Belasco (4,711).

Another Magnolia player Rafi Reavis gained a big ground, leapfrogging to No. 15 from No. 22 with his 262 rebounds last season.

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Harvey Carey (4,403) remains in chase of the Top 20, 20 boards behind No. 20 Danny Ildefonso's number.

Making some improvements were Kelly Williams (4,281), Sonny Thoss (4,274), Ranidel de Ocampo (3,844) and Reynel Hugnatan (3,567). (SB)